Richa Kaul, Student Body President

School/Year: CAS’16
Hometown: Westford, Massachusetts
Past/Other Involvement: Vice President 2013-14, Community Service Center, Million Hours Project

Joe Ferme, Executive Vice President

School/Year: CAS’15
Hometown: East Islip, New York
Past/Other Involvement: Admissions Ambassador Coordinator, FYSTAFF, Rise Above Vice President, Research Assistant, BI108 LA

Joshua Mosby,Vice President of Finance 

School/Year: CAS’17
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Past/Other Involvement: Posse scholar, Treasurer of BU Decide. Former CAS Freshman Class President

Jamie Ellis, Vice President of Internal Affairs

School/Year: COM’15
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Past/Other Involvement: Director of Events for Student Government, Vice-President of Programming on Panhel, President of Dance Marathon Planning Committee

Pablo Abir Das, Chief of Staff

School/Year: CAS’16
Hometown: Washington, D.C
Past/Other Involvement: Judicial Commissioner

Tyler Fields, Senate Chair

School/Year: CAS’16/SMG’16
Hometown: Redlands, California
Past/Other Involvement: Editor-in-Chief & Founder, Boston Political Review, CAS Government VP of Finance, Mock Trial Team Captain, Social Chair of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Scarlet Speaker for BU Undergraduate Admissions, 2013-14 Sophomore Class President

Andrew Cho, President of Residence Hall Association Overarching Executive Council

School/Year: CAS’16
Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona
Past/Other Involvement: Warren RHA President 2012-2014, Environmental Affairs Dept 2012-2013, Warren Senator 2012-2013

Alexander Golob, Chair of College Governments

School/Year: CFA and CAS ’16
Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Past/Other Involvement: Previously President of CFA Gov, Vice President of Social Affairs, and Vice President of Student of Affairs