The following is a listing of Senators during the 2011-2012 academic session.

College Governments

Name Constituency
Alexis Chin School of Management
Caitlin Seele School of Management
Izzy Rahman School of Management
Bill Rocker College of Engineering
Mark Difilippo College of Engineering
Krista Kichnekert School of Hospitality Administration
Hayley Jensen School of Education
Alyssa Sarkis School of Education
Senator College of Engineering
Andrew Stieglitz College of Communication
Daniela Vasquez College of Communication
Ali Lifton College of General Studies
Portia Amofa College of General Studies
Tyler Rundell Sargent College
Leah Baumann Sargent College
Sean Gunning College of Arts and Science
Blyss Buitrago College of Arts and Science
Nicholas Pantages College of Arts and Science
Colleen Caty College of Arts and Science
Omar Yassin College of Arts and Science

Residence Hall Associations

Name Constituency
Vivian Chao 575 Commonwealth Ave
Lauren Lavelle South Campus
Susie Marquina 33 Harry Agganis Way
Kelsey Bilsback 10 Buick Street
Fransheska Vazquez Danielson
Vidhu Nath The Towers
D.A. Whatley Warren Towers
Cissy Hu Myles Standish Hall
Senator West Campus
Max Belin Brownstone Student Council
Senator Shelton Hall

Greek Life

Name Consituency
Juliette Miller Panhellenic Council
Senator Interfraternity Council