Past Initiatives

Student Government Accomplishments


  • Gender Neutral Housing (GNH)
  • Additional Double BU-Shuttle in Daily Routes
  • Creation of the Student Involvement Board (SIB)
  • Flight Giveaways
  • Increased Signage for BU-Shuttle Stops
  • First Annual Environmental Splash/BU Energy Challenge
  • Scholarly Spotlight Series


  • Implemented 24-hour study spaces in Shelton Hall and Student Village II
  • Implemented advertising on BU Shuttle for departments and student groups
  • Launched vacation busses
  • Hosted first Student Leadership Symposium
  • Hosted first Meeting of the Minds Academic Symposium
  • Established Department of Academic Affairs
  • Established the Student Involvement Board


  • Successfully advocated for cage free eggs
  • Advocated for Gender Neutral Housing
  • Launched the Environmental Coalition


  • Co-organized and hosted a Lieutenant Gubernatorial Forum
  • Advocated for accurate clock times in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Launched BUs Web Tracker and App
  • Advocated for longer 24-hour study period at Mugar Library


  • Negotiated more lenient drinks policy for Mugar Library
  • Successfully advocated for improvements to academic registration
  • Co-organized Boston Stands with Haiti fundraiser for Haiti earthquake relief
  • Advocated for reduced cost per page for printing


  • Successfully advocated for more outlets for laptops in Mugar Library and GSU
  • Advocated for remote printing options
  • Published “Backdoor at BU” guide to Boston University Housing
  • Advocated for extended BU Shuttle hours
  • Hosted Boston Area Intercollegiate Summit


  • Resolved conflict between Brookline residents and Boston University students
  • Organized the first Majors Expo, which attracted hundreds of students
  • Participated in the Boston University Campus Safety Week
  • Sponsored increase in blue light emergency call boxes on campus


  • Wrote and distribute “How to BU” Guide to over 4200 students
  • Co-organized BU Votes coalition
  • Organized Boston University Leadership Conference