Past Initiatives

Student Government Accomplishments


  • Gender Neutral Housing (GNH)
  • Additional Double BU-Shuttle in Daily Routes
  • Creation of the Student Involvement Board (SIB)
  • Flight Giveaways
  • Increased Signage for BU-Shuttle Stops
  • First Annual Environmental Splash/BU Energy Challenge
  • Scholarly Spotlight Series


  • Implemented 24-hour study spaces in Shelton Hall and Student Village II
  • Implemented advertising on BU Shuttle for departments and student groups
  • Launched vacation busses
  • Hosted first Student Leadership Symposium
  • Hosted first Meeting of the Minds Academic Symposium
  • Established Department of Academic Affairs
  • Established the Student Involvement Board


  • Successfully advocated for cage free eggs
  • Advocated for Gender Neutral Housing
  • Launched the Environmental Coalition


  • Co-organized and hosted a Lieutenant Gubernatorial Forum
  • Advocated for accurate clock times in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Launched BUs Web Tracker and App
  • Advocated for longer 24-hour study period at Mugar Library


  • Negotiated more lenient drinks policy for Mugar Library
  • Successfully advocated for improvements to academic registration
  • Co-organized Boston Stands with Haiti fundraiser for Haiti earthquake relief
  • Advocated for reduced cost per page for printing


  • Successfully advocated for more outlets for laptops in Mugar Library and GSU
  • Advocated for remote printing options
  • Published “Backdoor at BU” guide to Boston University Housing
  • Advocated for extended BU Shuttle hours
  • Hosted Boston Area Intercollegiate Summit


  • Resolved conflict between Brookline residents and Boston University students
  • Organized the first Majors Expo, which attracted hundreds of students
  • Participated in the Boston University Campus Safety Week
  • Sponsored increase in blue light emergency call boxes on campus


  • Wrote and distribute “How to BU” Guide to over 4200 students
  • Co-organized BU Votes coalition
  • Organized Boston University Leadership Conference

About Student Government

The Boston University Student Government works to represent the voice of the undergraduate student community. As the unifying body and center of leadership on campus, Student Government ensures that the student voice is heard in all matter of University life. To advocate on behalf of the students, effectively represent students’ views, and empower all those involved, Student Government strives to support the continued development of all aspects of the University experience.

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