Past Executive Boards

Spring 2013 Executive Board

Aditya Rudra, President

President Aditya Rudra


President Aditya Rudra is a Posse Scholar from Atlanta studying Finance at Boston University’s School of Management. President Rudra has been active in the School of Management Student Government for the past two years, where he has served as the President of his class. He serves as a Student Ambassador for the Howard Thurman Center as well the President of the HTC’s Council for Global Citizenship and a regular at Coffee and Conversation. President Rudra seeks to combine his passion for social justice with his experience in student government to make Student Government more activist-friendly.






Lauren Lavelle, Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President Lauren Lavelle


Vice President Lauren LaVelle is a Junior in the School of Management. Last year she served as Vice President of South Campus RHA and a senator in the Student Government. In these roles she played an active part on the Advocacy committee pushing for 24-hour study spaces that are available to off campus students. Vice President LaVelle is currently a Resident Assistant and is serving in her third year in the Air National Guard. Lauren has the leadership skills and enthusiasm necessary to make sure Student Government continues to thrive this semester.






Chris Addis, Vice President of Finance

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Vice President of Finance Chris Addis




Vice President of Finance Chris Addis is a Junior studying Biology.










Jasmine Miller, Vice President of Internal Affairs

Vice President of Internal Affairs, Jasmine Miller




Vice President of Internal Affairs Jasmine Miller is a Freshman studying International Relations in the School of Arts and Science.







Fall 2012 Executive Board

Dexter L. McCoy, Student Body President

Aditya Rudra SMG’14, Executive Vice President

D.A. Whatley SMG’15, Vice President of Finance

Sophia Woyda CAS’13, Vice President of Internal Affairs


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