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As a top-tier university, Boston University has always gone above and beyond to improve the student experience for all of its students. From its spectacular academic programs, research opportunities, extra-curricular offerings, and housing accommodations, Boston University has never settled for anything less than the best, and is always striving to both maintain and improve upon its globally recognized reputation for excellence. However, very much inconsistent with this statement, Boston University does not currently offer any form of a gender neutral housing option for its students who choose to live in on-campus housing. While students are given a vast amount of choices as to the style of the room that they may wish to live in here on-campus, they are given a very restricted amount of options as to who the exact individual(s) is (are) with whom they would like to live. It can also be argued that one could live in the best style of housing possible for their wants and needs, and yet still find themselves to have an overall negative experience in on-campus housing if they do not get along with the individual(s) that they live with.

Thus, in response to the large amount of demand for a gender neutral housing option from the undergraduate student body at BU, the Student Government has created a detailed proposal on the issue of gender neutral housing, and is actively working towards getting this proposal implemented in the near future.

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