Current Initiatives

TurboVote- The Department of City Affairs has partnered with TurboVote, an online platform which allows for voter registration anywhere in the US as well as signing up for voting by mail and election reminders. This is a free service for BU students and can be accessed at

Recycling in On-Campus Residences – Environmental is working to increase student access to recycling in on-campus residences by incorporating dual stream recycling on every floor of all large campus residence halls and in every brownstone and South campus apartment

To date- Environment has already implemented on-campus recycling in Warren Towers, and hopes to install the same in all other residence halls by end of the semester (or year if need be).  Pushing for Brownstones/apartments next semester.

Student-City Connection Newsletter- City Affairs is working to help students take advantage of the many opportunities in the City of Boston by publishing a bimonthly newsletter highlighting activities and events within the city.

Student Rewards Program – Advocacy is working to establish a “Student Rewards” program at the Shaw’s supermarket chains so students can better save money throughout the semester.

Greening the Print Center – Environment is targeting unsustainable habits of the campus print centers including recycling/returning ink cartridges, ridding of cover pages (or at least reducing font and font size of identification), switching to more sustainable ink and paper, and ensuring recycling bins available for cover page disposal

On-Campus Contact Database- Outreach is compiling contact information on student groups around campus and starting to send out emails to various organizations as well.

Pad-Folio Rentals – Advocacy is working to assist students during career fairs and interviews by providing free pad-folios and alerting them of any discounts offered by local business-wear retailers.

BU Mobile for Android – Advocacy is working on releasing an official version of the BU Mobile App that will be compatible with Android technology.

Scholarly Spotlight Series -Academic Affairs is highlighting the academic resources here at BU (including the HGARC, Mugar, ERC, and CCD)

BU Gov Care Packages- Academic Affairs is working on a program where students can send free care packages to their friends to wish them luck on finals

SHS Scheduling Reform – Advocacy is working with SHS to release an app that will help make scheduling doctor’s appointments and consultations easier for students.

Tutoring in the Dorms Program - Academic affairs is working to have CAS writing tutors come to Towers, Warren, and West to offer final project/paper tutoring.

Off Campus Affairs- The Department of City Affairs is working to increase communication between off campus students and their surrounding communities as well as involve more college students in off campus issues.

BU Gov Care Packages- Academic Affairs is working on a program where students can send free care packages to their friends to wish them luck on finals

Access to Evaluations – Advocacy is working to offer online teacher evaluation forms at the end of each semester, and to make the results of those evaluations available to students when registering for classes.

Investment in renewable energy – Environment is advocating for endowment investment in the renewable energy sector to coincide with BU’s divestment movement lead by Students for a Just and Stable Future

Reduce Plastic Bag Use – Environment seeks to discourage student use of single-use plastic bags at area convenience and shopping locations by encouraging the use of reusable bags and other more sustainable alternatives

More Meeting Spaces – Advocacy is working to expand access to on-campus student meeting spaces, particularly in 100 Bay State Rd.

Green Fee – Environment is implementing an undergraduate student “green fee,” a small opt-out fee as part of student tuition, to be used for “green” initiatives around campus

Connection to Local Officials- City Affairs aims to maintain relationships with local elected officials as well as those at BU focused on improving the City of Boston.