Current Initiatives

Free Suit Rental Program - The Advocacy Department is working on creating this free rental service, open for all students, male and female, who are in need of a suit for any professional or social purpose. The suits will come in a variety of sizes. The motion is highly supported by the Career Development Center.

Charging Stations - The Department of Outreach is providing mobile charging units equipped with the chargers in crowded areas like the GSU.

“Bosses of Boston” - The Department of City Affairs has planned an event that will include a meet&greet and open discussion with local legislators who represent Boston. It is planned to take place on April 1st from 7-9 pm in the Photonic Colloquium Room.

‘I Have a Dream’ Campaign - The Department of Social Affairs is organizing this campaign for the second week of April to bring back the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Boston University.

Course Registration - The Department of Academic Affairs is working on creating a built-in process on the Student Link that starts a waitlist for courses that are full as well as having a syllabus listed for each course offered in advance of registration.

Emergency Icon on BU Mobile App - An additional icon on the BU Mobile App with direct call features to BUPD, SHS, SARP, etc.

Students Activities Office Reform - The E-Board is listening to the complaints from many student groups on campus. They are taking control in order to make significant changes in the organization of SAO.

Campus Sustainability - The Department of Environmental Affairs has been working diligently on a wide-range of sustainability issues including increasing access to recycling, reducing the unnecessary use of plastics, reducing energy waste, and ‘greening’ the printing center.

Off Campus Help - The Department of City Affairs is attempting to open the doors for more effective communication between off campus students and their neighbors in order to help avoid conflict arise.

Scarlet Wednesdays - The Department of Outreach is providing discounts on stores around campus on Wednesday for anyone wearing BU apparel.

‘Green Fee’ - The Department of Environmental Affairs plans to explore the idea of implementing an opt-out $1 ‘Green Fee’ to be used for sustainable purposes on and around campus.

International Students Initiative - The Department of Social Affairs is trying to provide international students at BU with resources that are tailored to their specific needs.

Athletic Students Initiative - The Department of Social Affairs is working on getting more BU students to attend athletic games, as well as getting the athletes more involved in the larger BU community.

Mental House Initiative - The Department of Social Affairs is working to improve the resources available to students regarding mental health.

Million Hours Project - The Department of Social Affairs is heading up this project aimed towards achieving a million hours worth of community service within five years, to match the University’s goal of raising one billion dollars in five years.

No School on Veterans Day - The Advocacy Department is working towards this since BU is notorious for their strong ROTC program as well as for having many veterans on campus.

Proud to BU Videos - The Department of Outreach is making videos with leaders from various student groups for Agganis.

Events in Boston - The Department of City Affairs plans to create flyers to be posted in dorms informing freshman about upcoming events in Boston.

Recycling - The Department of Environmental Affairs is working on getting recycling bins on all the floors of the large dormitories.

Voter Registration - The Department of City Affairs is hoping to enact voter registration during orientation in order to get more college students voting in Boston.

Student Government Awareness - The E-Board is striving to inform the BU community on what Student Government is working on, starting with the March newsletter sent out to the entire student body.