Committees and Departments

The Advocacy Department works directly with University administrators to ensure that the student voice is heard. Members of the Advocacy Department present data as collected by the Outreach Department and strategize with University professionals in relevant decision-making. The Advocacy Department Chair for the 2012-2013 academic year is Saurabh Mahajan, reachable at

The Outreach Department is dedicated to actively seeking the student voice. By conducting multimedia surveys, this body collects and records data on what exactly students want and need to enhance their experience at BU. Data collection is usually done with respect to specific aspects of student life needing attention. This Committee often partners with the Events Department and Communications Department to ensure that it is able to reach a large number of students. Nia Davis is the Outreach Committee Chair for the 2012-2013 academic year and is reachable at .

The Events Department plans and presents engaging activities for all members of the organization and for the undergraduate community at large. To enhance a sense of unity at BU, Student Government events are planned with the intention of providing a common ground for all. Additionally, all events are designed with the goal of receiving feedback so that Student Government can accurately advocate on behalf of the students. Robin Ngai, Events Department Chair for the 2012-2013 academic year, can be reached at .

The Environmental Affairs Department is responsible for partnering with environmentally relevant student organizations as well as making Student Government and its efforts as sustainable as possible. As members of both the BU and global communities, this position ensures that we conduct all business with awareness and responsibility. Bekah Heath is the Director of Environmental Affairs for the 2012-2013 academic year and can be reached at .

Student Government’s department of Social Affairs is operating differently this year than ever before. Headed by Director of Social Affairs Rebekah Leopold, this team is dedicated to the entire student body. Individuals on this team will ensure that the undergraduate student government establishes and maintains relationships with student leaders and members of their groups on a personal basis. Student leaders can expect to meet and always contact a representative from this team when in need of anything at all to best serve their constituencies. Contact ¬†for information.

The Director of Academic and City Affairs is charged with the responsibility of connecting Boston University to the City of Boston. By establishing rapports with city officials, relaying their services to students, and in turn promoting the University and its potential to serve the city, this department of Student Government extends beyond the campus borders. Natalie Fritz, Director of Academic and City Affairs, is reachable at .

The Communications Department is responsible for promoting the name and presence of Student Government. Through use of social media websites, physical media, and interpersonal interactions, the PR team effectively communicates the initiatives of the organization at large. This publicity is especially necessary around times of planned events and outreach efforts and therefore collaborates with other Student Government Department as is appropriate. The Co-Directors of Communications oversees and facilitates all work in this field. The Co-Directors of Communications for the 2012-2013 academic year are Fiona Chen and Megan Kirk, reachable at .