Gender-Neutral Housing Comes to BU!

Gender-Neutral Housing Comes to BU!



Student Government Applauds President Brown’s Approval of the University Council Recommendation to Introduce Gender Neutral Housing 

August 13, 2013

Media Contact: Saurabh Mahajan, 503-910-5376


(Boston, MA) – Guided by strong support and plentiful input from the student body, President Brown has officially approved of the University Council’s recommendation to implement a gender neutral housing option for most students living on campus, starting as soon as Fall 2013.

“The University has taken a very important and necessary step towards being able to accommodate students of all walks of life – providing gender neutral housing options on campus removes significant barriers certain members of our community used to face in trying to find adequate and comfortable housing,” said Student Body President Dexter L. McCoy. “Furthermore, the passage of gender neutral housing is a strong testament to how students and administration can work together to improve the student experience at Boston University – we sincerely hope to see more initiatives in the future where students identify places where improvement is needed and are able to work with administration to find the best solution.”

The initiative for gender neutral housing began in the Boston University Student Senate during the Spring 2012 term, where a proposal drafted by three senators – Caitlin Seele (SMG’14), Natalie Siddique (CAS’14), and David Anthony Whatley (SMG’15) – was presented and approved. The proposal was supported by a comprehensive survey conducted of the student body in which over 2,000 students stated their support for the gender neutral option, out of which 500 students explicitly stated they would use the option themselves.




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